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Baltimore, Maryland


How Do You Solve a Problem Like a Giant Floating Bog?

A floating bog the size of 64 tennis courts is menacing the residents of Crow Wing County, Minnesota.
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The End Is Nigh for Minnesota’s Rogue Bog

The wild beast of North Long Lake has been tamed. Or, more accurately, dismembered.
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What Should Grow in a Vacant Lot?

A research project in Baltimore is using wildflowers—and lots of data—to investigate urban ecosystems.
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Fukushima: Trouble in Mushi Mushi Land

Japan's beetle kingdom tries to recover from the nuclear disaster.
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Panama Canal: Superhighway for Invasive Species?

The expansion of the Panama Canal may bring a new wave of invasives to the Gulf and East Coasts.
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The Best Way to Reduce Research Bias Is Hiding in Plain View

Blinding, a classic scientific tool to prevent bias, isn't as common as it ought to be.
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Too Much Bull

An industry obsessed with breeding bigger, nastier bulls is putting children in harm's way.
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Translating "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

The book's delight in wordplay and cultural parodies makes it a torment for translators.
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Blood Quantum

Dwindling bloodlines: Tribal membership systems threaten future of Native Americans.
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The solution to America’s food waste problem: Feed people

Arthur Morgan's radical idea: Collect tons of leftover produce and give it hungry people.

Grease Patrol

Baltimore's enforcement of restaurant grease in sewers lax, water advocates say.
Baltimore City Paper Link to Story

Glenn Ross gives ‘toxic tours’ of his neighborhood

Want to sell inner-city residents on environmentalism? Don't talk to them about saving the seals.


I am a freelance journalist with more than a decade of experience reporting for newspapers, magazines, and public radio. As former senior editor of the alternative weekly Baltimore City Paper, I've covered everything from politics to art. In other capacities, I've reported from settings ranging from a remote Indian reservation in northeastern Montana to a bug zoo in Japan. I graduated with honors from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where I focused on science and environmental reporting.



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