Andrea Appleton

Baltimore, MD

Andrea Appleton

Freelance journalist


Translating "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

The book's delight in wordplay and cultural parodies makes it a torment for translators.
Smithsonian Link to Story

The Best Way to Reduce Research Bias Is Hiding in Plain View

Blinding, a classic scientific tool to prevent bias, isn't as common as it ought to be.
Nautilus Link to Story

Fukushima: Trouble in Mushi Mushi Land

Japan's beetle kingdom tries to recover from the nuclear disaster.
Al Jazeera America Link to Story

Panama Canal: Superhighway for Invasive Species?

The expansion of the Panama Canal may bring a new wave of invasives to the Gulf and East Coasts.
National Geographic Link to Story

Too Much Bull

An industry obsessed with breeding bigger, nastier bulls is putting children in harm's way.
SB Nation Link to Story

Blood Quantum

Dwindling bloodlines: Tribal membership systems threaten future of Native Americans.
High Country News Link to Story

Study: New Moms Don't Overshare on Facebook

Hate the endless stream of baby pictures on Facebook? An algorithm is to blame.

Marry Your Baby Daddy Day: Activist marries unwed parents

Maryann Reid holds mass weddings for black couples who have children.
The Christian Science Monitor Link to Story

Inside Jokes

Our correspondent visits a stand-up comedy show put on by prisoners, in prison.
Baltimore City Paper Link to Story

A Lesson in Engineering, Taught By a Fish

The tiny glass knifefish is teaching scientists a thing or two about how to design robots.
Johns Hopkins Magazine Link to Story

Grease Patrol

Baltimore's enforcement of restaurant grease in sewers lax, water advocates say.
City Paper Link to Story

Science on the Farm

Research is on the upswing at Case Western's 400-acre University Farm.
art/sci, Case Western Reserve University Link to Story


Andrea Appleton

I am a freelance journalist with nearly a decade of experience reporting for newspapers, magazines, and public radio. As former senior editor of the alternative weekly Baltimore City Paper, I've covered everything from politics to art. In other capacities, I've reported from settings ranging from a remote Indian reservation in northeastern Montana to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. I graduated with honors from the Columbia University School of Journalism, where I focused on science and environmental reporting.



  • Fluent in Spanish